TangoWare has generously provided support for the AVM-2000 at minimal cost to our users. To continue to provide the best support possible to all of our users, it is necessary that we implement the following support policies for our software products.

Your options are:

A) Annual Maintenance Agreement for AVM-2000

Purchase of the Annual Maintenance Agreement (AMA) provides you with basic support for the AVM-2000 software for one year. AMA purchases are required with new purchases of the AVM-2000 software. Basic Support includes assistance with features and operations of the AVM-2000 system. (Questions about Work Orders, Invoicing, PO's, Configuration, etc.) The AMA also allows you to download free maintenance updates of the current program version from the TangoWare website. Your AMA must be renewed each year to continue receiving free maintenance updates for the current program version, and basic support.

The following items are NOT included with an AMA:

  • Hardware, Printers, Networking, Server or Operating System related problems

  • Support of Windows XP 64-bit workstations or servers

  • Assistance setting up / "mapping" your network for use with the AVM-2000

  • Assistance with Shared Printers / Print Servers, Label Printers or Bar Code Readers for use with the AVM-2000

  • Assistance with creation and use of optional Electronic Signatures

  • Assistance with QuickBooks® beyond 60 days of module purchase

  • Repairs of corrupted data or "virus" infections

  • Assistance with AVM-2000 database errors

  • Assistance with Backups, Backup Restoration, Hard Drive "Crashes", etc., or "moving" AVM-2000 files

  • Operator / user errors, improper use or setup of AVM-2000 program, functions or data

  • Training employees on use of AVM-2000

  • Repairs performed by TangoWare on your AVM-2000 files

  • Other circumstances at your location beyond our control

  • Requests for Custom Modifications

  • Major Feature Upgrades / New Modules

  • Version 5 installations and updates. Version 5 internal AVM-2000 functions and operations will still be supported.

  • FAA Approval of your use of the AVM-2000 software (Each licensee must obtain their own FAA FSDO or CHDO approval.)

  • Version 6 Upgrades from Version 5, provided for AMA users: $ 395.00 (Downloaded from www.tangoware.com)
  • ** Annual Maintenance Agreement for Single User versions = $ 395.00

    ** Annual Maintenance Agreement for Networked / Multi User versions = $ 495.00 for each 5 users (workstation licenses)

    B) Tech Support / Pay As You Go

    This information is for users with no AMA, OR for support provided for items not covered under the AMA.

  • Charges billed to valid MasterCard or VISA Credit Card – No Support on Account

  • Please be prepared with your Credit Card information: Card #, Expiration Date, security code from the back of your card, Cardholder’s Name, and Address where Cardholder’s Statement is mailed. TangoWare requires a signed Credit Card Authorization form for all credit card payments.

  • Minimum per incident charge (covers first hour of support services). All tech support billed in quarter-hour increments after the first hour.

  • Version 6 Upgrades from Version 5 provided for users with no AMA (for users currently operating Version 4 or 5):  $ 695.00 (Downloaded from www.tangoware.com)

  • Version 6 Updates (for users with no AMA who are currently using Version 6): $ 395.00

  • Please contact CTI with any questions that you may have regarding the above policies.

    * Note: All prices subject to change without notice