Do you need support for AVM-2000 ?

Here are some things to try/check before opening a support incident:

Have you tried a a backup and then reindex and pack ?

Have you rebooted your server and/or workstations ?

Have you checked our Documentation page ?

Have you checked our FAQ page ?

Your options are:

A) Tech Support / Pay As You Go

This information is for users with no AMA, OR for support provided for items not covered under an AMA.

Please email sales AT with any questions you may have regarding the above policies.

B) Annual Maintenance Agreement for AVM-2000 - for customers with a current AMA in force

An Annual Maintenance Agreement (AMA) provides you with basic support for the AVM-2000 software for one year. AMA purchases are required with new purchases of the AVM-2000 software. Basic Support includes assistance with features and operations of the AVM-2000 system. (Questions about Work Orders, Invoicing, PO's, Configuration, etc.) The AMA also allows you to download free maintenance updates of the current program version from the TangoWare website.

Please email sales AT for support assistance through your remaining Annual Maintenance Agreement term.

The following items are NOT included with an AMA: